Spaceteam FAQ

Why is everything slightly different?

Spaceteam version 2.0 has been completely rebuilt from the ground up using new technology. Some things are better, other things are worse, some things are new, other things are missing. It’s incompatible with previous versions so everyone must update to version 2.0 if you want to play together. I’ll continue to improve it over the next few months.

Why is it asking for permission to use the Camera?

The camera can be used to log into the Admiral's Club Member's Area by scanning your membership card.

The camera is also used if you turn on "FailCam" mode in Upgrades -> Settings. It will take a photo of your face at the moment your ship crashes and present it at the end of the game.

The camera data is not otherwise stored or transmitted.

Where is Bluetooth?

Spaceteam 2.0 uses completely new technology and adding Bluetooth was a bit more complicated than before. I postponed it so I could release the first version sooner. Bluetooth is now one of my priorities and I’m hoping to add it back soon.

Why can’t I connect?

First of all, you can’t play over the internet, you must all be in the same physical location. Here are some connection tips:

  • Make sure all the devices are running the latest version of Spaceteam (currently version 2.1)
  • Make sure everybody is connected to the same Wifi network
  • Make sure nobody has a Team Password active (or alternatively if you want to play on a private team, make sure everybody has the same Team Password)
  • If you're using a public Wifi network (eg. at a school or café) then there are potential issues with some Wifi routers not supporting “multicast protocols”, or having “wireless isolation” turned on (which allows devices to connect to the internet, but not each other). The exact settings and terminology vary so you’ll have to look at instructions for your specific router.
  • Even in the best-case scenario, sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get everyone in the lobby. If one person is left spinning in the vortex for more than about 15 seconds while the others are in the lobby, that one person should Cancel and dial Play again.
  • Sometimes, rebooting your device might help...

If all else fails, you can try using a Hotspot (see next answer)

How can I connect without Wifi?

If you don’t have access to reliable Wifi you can use one of your phones to broadcast a local Wifi network (also called a “hotspot”) and have everyone connect to that instead. This is called "Personal Hotspot" on iOS and "Mobile Hotspot" or something similar on Android.

If you have a larger group playing (eg. in a tournament or a classroom) then you might consider getting/borrowing a cheap Wifi router and setting it up as a dedicated network for Spaceteam games. It doesn't even need to be connected to the internet, just power.

And the Bluetooth connection option should be ready again soon as an alternative.

How do I “flip” to avoid wormholes??!

You all need to hold your devices upside-down (top facing the floor) at the same time. The game will also recognize screen-facing-the-floor for those of you who play with your devices flat :)

If you're still having trouble with this on your Android phone, then it's possible you have the motion sensor turned off in your system settings. Try to find a setting called "Motion" or "Gyroscope" and make sure it is turned ON.

Translator Malfunction is hard

Yes. My advice:

  • Use educated guesses based on the unique properties of the controls (eg. if the instruction says to set something to 7 and you only have one control that goes to 7, that’s it)
  • Watch for the “success” feedback after changing a control (the panel will glimmer and a sound will play if changed successfully)
  • Once you’ve figured out a couple of names, try to remember which controls they map to.
  • Don’t be afraid to button mash a bit. You won’t lose any progress by pressing the wrong buttons, you’ll just get more chaos/breakage on your screen.

Will there be a version for Windows Phone?

Not any time soon I'm afraid. I just don't have the time, resources, or experience to do the port myself and since Spaceteam doesn't make a lot of money I can't justify paying someone to help.